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From France to Germany,as a duet, theyrecorded in the Clouds Hill Studiosin Hamburgfirst, then in Paris then in Lacanau (south west France). A lot of experiences bring them the possibility to build a journey of sounds, encountered on the living vibes. Breaking Fuel’s leaders tends to gaze at the stars and their album takes root in the surroundings of Bordeaux-France-using drum & bass storming, to fly away in the Clouds Hill studio in Hamburg-Germany (BosnianRainbows, Pete Doherty, At The Drive-in..)Back on Earth, the band has chosen Paris to complete the whole album with the producer / sound engineer Camille Jamain (Studio de l’Atelier) for the production/preproduction process, additional recordings and the finalmix (En Veux Tu En V’là, Le Cirque électrique, « Oiseaux-Tempête », «Foudre»…) He had already mixed theirprevious opus « More More More » and he’s back in tip top shape for the pleasure of our connoisseur ears.